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IEPF Recovery allows you to not only recover your unclaimed shares but also to rediscover your real self-joy, happiness, and smile.

Get back your shares with IEPF Recovery & unlock the real future

IEPF Recovery ensures you the actual 100% withdrawal of your unclaimed shares stuck in IEPF Authority of GOI.

About Us

IEPF Recovery works to withdraw unclaimed Shares & dividends.

IEPF Recovery is passionate to bring your shares & dividends back from the IEPF Authority of GOI. We put the most experienced experts of legal advising services in financial market issues so that you can receive your shares with minimum hurdles and the soonest possible.

  • 100% of success in recovering shares & dividends
  • Ensures the right and targeted paper works
  • Recovering of investment from old Mutual Funds

Contact us……and IEPF Recovery ensures the most trusted recovery of unclaimed shares…..

  • We understand the whole process very well

    Do you find recovering your unclaimed shares problematic? Or you may be getting frustrated with all these? If it is so, then IEPF Recovery is the right choice for you. We not only understand your need for the shares or dividends but also know the whole process to recover it from the IEPF Authority as well.

  • We know the right and the targeted documentation process

    We work for our clients with years of experience in the documentation process to bring back their shares. We exactly know the right and the most targeted paperwork required for recovering your shares.

  • Avail our services and leave everything on us

    You don’t worry about anything for recovering your unclaimed shares, once you come to us and start availing our services. We will take care of everything that comes between you and your shares.

“Our Services are Your Solutions“

Our services are the most specific kinds of and cover almost every problem, and specially designed for you to avail. You can choose any of the services as per your issue, you just need to contact us. Your solutions are at your fingertips…..

Recovery Of Shares & Dividends from G.O.I

We recover the entire funds of yours form IEPF Authority of GOI with the minimum and specific documents, and in the least time possible. So that you must not roam around anywhere else.

Transmission of shares

Even the death claim matters are to be taken carefully, so all the documentation works are lengthy and hectic tasks and require specially experienced handlings. So IEPF Recovery is ready to transmit shares to the real nominee & With the government authorisation.

Duplicate issuance of shares

Loss of Shares certificate may be really frustrating for you as this may harm your unclaimed shares badly. And perhaps you might never be able to recover them. So, here at IEPF Recovery, we know the exact process to reissue you the fresh certificate of shares.

Recovery of investments from mutual funds

If your investments are stuck in mutual funds, we can provide you with the best way to recover. Be it either UTI Master gain/Plus/Morgan Stanley / Can-Pep /Taurus, all old Mutual Fund Schemes /ICICI / IDBI /Sardar Sarovar /IFCI or even other bonds.

Recover Unclaimed Matured Insurance

You can now recover Unclaimed Matured Insurance investments without sweating and coping up with any hurdle. IEPF Recovery ensures you receive your investments back for sure. The funds remain unclaimed for various reasons. Any reason you may have but your shares must not be stuck.

Signature Mismatch of Holders

If your signature gets mismatched for any reason even years after, this could harm your shares and may drag you in trouble. IEPF Recovery understands your requirements that’s why we look after other things that can be substituted for your signature. And with minimum paper works we provide you to recreate your signature and a chance to never lose your shares.

Why Choose Our Services

We provide you the most experienced bits of advice and assistance to recover your unclaimed shares and dividends, with 100% assurance and the right & targeted paper works.

Best Experienced Services

IEPF Recovery provides you the most trusted 10 years of experience to recover your unclaimed shares.

Recover Any Shares

No matter, whatever kind of shares you wish to recover, stuck in IEPF Authority for any reason? IEPF Recovery is there……..

The Least Documentation

IEPF ensures you the lest documentation processes, so instead of wondering for lofty paper works, your work is done with maximum ease.

Knowledge Base FAQ

I have lost all my certificates related to shares; can I recover my shares?

Yes, of course! You can recover all your shares with the right guidance and specific paper works. IEPF Recovery will take care of all your document stuffand will ensure you the recovery of the share for 100%.

Can I transfer my shares to my friend if I wish?

Yes, you can transfer your shares to whomever you wish. You just need to have the right papers in your hands. IEPF Recovery will help you regarding the same and will deliver you the happiest customer services ever.

Is it possible to Recover investments from old Mutual Funds?

Yes, why not! You can recover any shares of yours from IEPF Authority of GOI no matter how old they are. IEPF Recovery has been working in such cases for so long. You may also have your own win.

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IEPF Recovery is a part of PSA Stocks & Advisory Services & is composed of the most experienced professionals in their fields. We believe in teamwork, diligence, and professionalism throughout our work.

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IEPF Head Consultant

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Years Of Experience

We are well-known for our support

Our clients have supported us like we never imagined. However, their problems have also been very different kind of, but though we deliver them our best services and in the best way possible.

“I had lost all my certificates related to my shares that I brought many years ago. Now the value of those shares had been very high, but there was no way to recover them from Govt. IEPF Agency so I consulted IEPF Recovery for that matter. They have not only provided me with the new certificates but also with the shares. I will always be thankful to them.”

Lalit Kohli

“The problem with me was different. My money was stuck into ICICI mutual funds. And it had also been a too long time since then. My long day work was hectic and nights were sleepless. In fact, I started scolding myself as, how I could make such mistake. But I am grateful to IEPF Recovery as they have helped me so much in recovering my amount from there. Their friendly nature obviously made me happy.”

Manish Dixit

“I went into an absolute depression when I came to know that years after my signature got mismatched on the certificates of shares. Then I Considered IEPF Recovery keeping in mind their reputation the Business. They have really helped me in recovering my shares with just few legal procedures. I would strongly recommend you IEPF Recovery if you are seriously into any such problem.”

Vicky Agarwal

“Sometimes you know how to deal with the situation, but recovering shares from Government’s IEPF Authority is something that only an expert can handle. This requires a very specific kind of paperwork for what I contacted IEPF Recovery. If the Documentation could be wrong then there are high chances that you would never be able to withdraw your shares. So, of course IEPF Recovery’s help in this way is tremendously appreciable. Thank You So Much.”

Nidhi Sharma